Safe Dial


Safe Ventures in conjunction with Martin Newton offer a variety of courses. The courses can range from one day to two weeks and can be structured to individual or group needs. All of the opening techniques, with the exception of safe penetration are non destructive. These will give technicians skills and abilities that will enhance their professionalism.

The subjects covered at present are:

  • Pin Cylinder Lock Picking. Sometimes referred to as an art, the ability to manipulate locks open using hand picks and a pin by pin picking method. Includes picking anti pick pins and picking pick resistant locks.
  • Lever Lock Decoding and Opening. 3 Day course concentrates  on the most popular British Standard locks, Chubb, ERA, Securefast, Legge & Union. At the conclusion of training students will have the confidence and ability to tackle these locks.
  • Lever Lock picking. Everything from using wire picks & 2in1 picks, to using Pin & Cam and Pick & Form systems.